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Our Savings Products include:

Personal Trust Savings

The product is for all categories of our customers – businesses, salary earners, apprentices, children and students.

Personal Fix Gold

The product is for the following categories of customers – businesses, salaried workers, apprentices, and students. This is the traditional fixed deposit account with attractive interest rate.

Personal Savings Target

This product is designed to enable our customers save towards specific projects or events with ease. The amount and frequency of deposit shall be at the discretion of the customer, but not less than N1000 per deposit. The product is for all categories of micro clients – businesses owners, salary earners, apprentices, and students.

Personal Cash (ATM Card)

The product is for customers – entrepreneurs, salaried workers, apprentices, and students – who have existing accounts with the Bank.

SEFEDAC (Secured Future Education Savings Account)

This is a product designed to encourage entrepreneurs and SMEs to save on behalf of their apprentices throughout their training period. This is to easily meet the required discharge obligations they may have toward their apprentices at the end of their training period. It removes the stress of having to provide all the monies required for such obligation from their business capital.

Personal Savings Plus

This is a savings account designed to make transactions more flexible for customers through the use of cash withdrawal slips in form of cheques. The cheques can be used as a third party cheque to be cashed over the counter but will not be valid for clearing. The account can also accept third party cheques and dividend warrants. All KYC requirements for current account shall be applicable to this account. The product is designed to serve individual of 18 years and above.


Personal Trust Premium Savings

The product requires customers to save with the bank with minimal withdrawals during the period of savings. There will be a raffle ticket for savers who meet the prescribed condition associated with the products and subsequently prizes to be won by winners of the draw.

Savers (customers) will be expected to save daily, weekly or on monthly basis. The purpose of such savings will include;


  • Acquisition of households, land, cars etc
  • Training of children and wards
  • School fees
  • Ceremonies like Marriage, graduation, burial, birthday etc
  • Start up new business
  • Expand existing business
  • Speculative reasons


“Group Plus” (Association/Club Account)

This product is designed for clubs and associations who wish to run an account based on the respective club’s/association’s name. It is aimed at helping them manage their financial records prudently while giving room for transparency. This product is also suitable for customers interested in opening joint accounts.